Grand Canyon University Point of Care Testing Discussion

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Program Outcomes The expected outcomes for graduates of the BSN program will:

1.Engage in culturally responsive, patient-centered, evidenced-based

care for professional nursing practice based on foundational and

advanced nursing science, current evidence, application of research, and

other knowledge from other disciplines. (Essentials I, III, & VIII)

2.Apply organizational, leadership and management concepts in practice

in order to effect change, identify threats to safety, teach others, and

improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes.(Essentials II, IV,

& VI)

3.Use health information systems and technology resources to demonstrate

integration of knowledge, support lifelong learning, ensure safe

practice environments, implement quality improvement initiatives,

optimize healthcare outcomes and promote patient

self-management.(Essentials IV & VI)

4.Use concepts of leadership, autonomy and management to identify

effective strategies in policy and regulatory processes to promote

health, prevent disease and injury, and improve the healthcare delivery

system, the health of the public, and the profession of

nursing.(Essentials V, VII, & VIII)

5.Communicate and collaborate effectively respecting dignity, worth, and

uniqueness of self and others to improve systems care and optimize

patient and population health outcomes.(Essential VI)

6.Integrate research findings to provide evidenced-based care, support

decision making, and promote safe and ethical nursing

practice.(Essentials I, VII & IX)