Intro to Anthropology Evolution of Bipedalism Descriptive Essay

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Question Description

This assignment is weighted at 10% of your final grade. Although it is not due until the end of the module, it is advised that you gather information and research as you learn about anthropology and its subject matter.

In this assignment, in 1.5-2 double spaced pages, you will discuss the evolution of bipedalism. In doing so, you will refer to two of the first bipeds in the evolution of humankind and discuss features that (1) enabled bipedal locomotion and (2) the factors that “selected” for bipedal locomotion. In this assignment, you will be required to refer to (1) species scientific names, (2) absolute dates, (3) location of the discovery you are discussing, and (4) terminology used in the textbook.

This assignment will be submitted to the dropbox and you can only use the textbook. In sum, you will address the following questions for your work to be considered complete:

  • What species provide the first clear evidence for bipedalism?
  • Where are these species discovered? (Including specific locations and absolute dates)
  • How do anthropologists explain the evolution of bipedalism? In other words, why did bipedalism emerge?
  • Provide examples from the textbook and use terminology introduced in Chapter 4.

You will be graded on

  • grammar and composition
  • use of terminology that has been used in the textbook
  • providing examples fro the textbook support your points
  • content accuracy

Note: Your comprehension of content in Chapter 4 of the Essence of Anthropology is being evaluated. You are not permitted to use MyCanvas content for this assignment. Essays that do not use the textbook will be considered incomplete and will receive a failing grade of zero. Material that is derived from other sources will not be evaluated and will impact your grade negatively. Direct quotations are not permitted.

You are expected to use an editing program like Grammarly prior to submitting your work. Assignments that are found to have any originality issues will be considered an academic offense and a zero will be assigned to the work following the Academic Integrity Policy