MEC Maintenance Impacts on Energy Efficiency and Fault Finding Research Paper

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Question Description

This works warrants to blend the information from more than one module (subject). The core modules to study in connection with the project, which will also consider for evaluation, are mentioned below.

-Marine power plant-4

-Auxiliary machinery 3

-Maintenance and fault finding

Self-centered learning and research will be two key areas (to comply with Graduate Attributes) that must be developed by students during the execution of this project. In this regard, student?s subject teachers are always available to support. The student issued textbooks, training from laboratories and simulators, handouts, internet and websites, books from Library accepts to use as resources for the research.

Learning objectives:

After completion of this assignment, you should able to:

1-discuss different technology or method for energy saving for ship?s machinery

2-discuss parameters and characteristics affect the energy efficiency on the main engine or auxiliary machinery

3-explain issues of machinery maintenance impacts on energy saving or energy efficiency

4- discuss the ways to improve energy efficiency and energy management for ships

Research title:

Study three different ways to save and improve energy in ship operation in the following areas:

1-Main engine

2-Auxiliary machinery (choose one machinery or equipment)

3-Machineries maintenance (choose one machinery or equipment)


The paper should include the following:

1-Cover page (including Title, name of modules, submission date, college name, department name, student name, student ID number)-Do not use college logo

2-Table of content

3-Introduction (about energy management on ship operation) (250 words)

4-A new method to improve energy usage by the main engine (700 words)

5-A new method to improve energy usage by auxiliary machinery (mention name of machinery that you select to explain) (700 words)

6-Issues of machinery maintenance impacts on energy efficiency (400 words)

7-Maintenance and energy saving-a method for improvement (600 words)

8-Conclusion (150 words)


10- Appendix (if any)

*** Words count = 2500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** Any text, figures, tables, and diagrams used in the paper should have to cite and reference