Norco College Protestantism Religion and The Trinitarian Doctrine Essay

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Question Description


Throughout the semester, each student will be responsible to post a meaningful reflection in Canvas after reading and discussing key texts within 6 areas of inquiry around 1) Tribal religion, 2) Indian religion, 3) East Asian religion, 4) West Asian religion, 5) Christianity, 6) Islam and 7) Modern Religions.

[Student Learning Outcomes 1, 4, 5]

Choose 1 of the following from our textbook and online readings. Pay close attention to page numbers listed before the Online Explorations:

  1. See pages 441-450, 453, 455-456 and Roman Catholicism Online Exploration
  2. See pages 441-450, 458-459 and Orthodox Christianity Online Exploration
  3. See pages 450-452, 456-458 and Protestantism Online Exploration
  4. See pages 450-452 and Reformed Christianity Online Exploration

Post a 2-page MLA formatted reflection to address all 5 points below. Use the online links and videos if you don’t have textbook access. Wikipedia is not a valid source for this assignment. Consider the official doctrinal statements, creeds and public expressions of their faith linked in our Canvas course. Secondary scholarship is less authoritative than the community’s own point of view in this assignment.

  1. How does this religion define God (Trinitarian or Non-Trinitarian)?
  2. What is their doctrine of Scripture? Name each of the major parts of their Bible translation. Consider whether all three are included: Hebrew Bible, Intertestamental, and New Testament.
  3. What role do leaders serve in the community? Are they married or single? Why?
  4. What Sacraments, ceremonies and holidays are practiced in this branch of Christianity?
  5. How does this branch explain sin, salvation and judgment?

Review the Rubrics for Grading before writing your reflection. Use MLA citations when directly quoting sources. See the MLA style guide on Purdue’s Online Writing Lab if you need added support in this activity.