South University Online Crime Data Analysis Question

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Question Description

After reading Chapter 3 of the Mosher textbook, “An Arresting Experiment: Domestic Violence Victim and Perceptions” by Miller, and “Controlling a Jail Population by Partially Closing the Front Door” by Baumer and Adams, discuss the following prompts:

  • How important is it to use official crime data?
  • What are some issues with using official crime data?
  • What public policy changes could be made by relying upon the 2 articles?

Initial Post

  1. 250 words for the initial response
  2. A minimum of 2 peer-reviewed/scholarly sources
  3. Christian world view is not expressly stated in the rubric or instructions for initial post but should be included
  4. Academic/scholarly sources are referenced and cited appropriately- APA Format

Response to Peers

1.2 substantive replies of 150 words for each reply

2.A minimum of 1 academic /scholarly source is referenced and integrated.

3.At least 1?2 sentences addressing issues, questions, or statements from a Christian worldview

4.Academic/scholarly sources are referenced and cited appropriately- APA Format