Universitty on Central of Venezuela The Status of AIDS Epidemic in the USA Discussion

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Question Description

Your paper should be emailed to me. Please identify yourself on the paper and in the email subject area.

All papers should be carefully checked for spelling and grammar as these distract from the message.

The length of the paper should be between 3 to 5 pages.

The paper should have at least 3 bona fide current references and these should be listed.

*Wikipedia” is not a valid resource.

Citations should be made in the body of the paper and separated by (parenthesis).

The paper should include/ a detailed description of the topic, the effects on the biosphere and at least one current issues related to the topic.

Personal opinions, assumptions and conclusions are not appropriate and should not be included.

This paper is worth 15 points.

Points will be distributed as follows:

5 points detailed description of the event

5 points related current events

5 points effects on the biosphere